The Story of God in Worship

(A longer version of this article will appear in Worship Leader magazine.)

Dr. James HartIn a recent Presidential Address at IWS I stated, “According to the Church Fathers . . . God condescended to us in the incarnation, so we could fully participate in the divine nature. Or, more simply, God became human so humans could become God. In right worship, we become divinized; we grow in Christ-likeness, or godliness.”

This comment led to some lively conversation among students and faculty. Subsequently I spent some time with this idea, that God became human so humans could become God, and it led me to a few questions: What is the gospel, the story of God? Related to that, what is salvation? What are we saved from and saved to? And, what does worship have to do with this? [Keep reading . . . ]

About the author

Dr. James R. Hart served as President of the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies from 2007-2024.