June 2022 Session Announcement

The June 22-29 intensive session will be held on our campus in Jacksonville, FL, in a manner similar to what was done in January. MWS 501-504, DWS 701-801, and the practicum courses will meet in-person, following the established IWS daily schedule. The school will implement a suite of protocols to keep students, faculty and staff as safe as possible while delivering the highest possible quality educational experience.

All students are expected on campus. Students who are unable to travel to campus to attend class (e.g. due to government-imposed travel restrictions) may submit a petition to attend class through the mixed modality platform. The form linked below will allow you to either confirm your in-person attendance or file the necessary petition to participate remotely. All students must complete this June 2022 Participation Form by May 18.

We have posted our projected safety protocols, based on CDC recommendations, here, but changes to circumstances surrounding COVID-19 in the USA and around the globe may dictate changes before or even during the session. IWS strongly recommends (but will not require) that all students be vaccinated against COVID-19. Testing will be mandatory for all students, faculty, and staff on campus. Students are encouraged to verify they are negative for COVID-19 prior to traveling to Jacksonville, since testing positive on arrival will require a student to quarantine at their own expense.

We greatly appreciate your support and your prayers as the Board and staff of IWS continue to navigate a path through this pandemic. Know that we are praying for you all as well.

June 2022 Participation Form