Jun 6, 2022: A New Era

Robert E. Webber

Christ is the inaugurator of a new era in the church. The special feature of this new era is that God has entered human history (John 1:15). It is the age in which the King of Glory has appeared in human flesh and lived out the rule of the King before the eyes of people. His rulership extends over all of life. What we do, say, and think must be executed under his rule. . . . He is the Lord of life—all of life. Thus, the inauguration of the new age is not merely some intrusion into the secular world, nor a spiritual component that runs alongside of life. Rather, it is the central dynamic to the whole of life and it involves the whole person in all his or her thinking, feeling, and living.

-Robert Webber, Ancient-Future Faith: Rethinking Evangelicalism for a Postmodern World (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1999), 146-147.

About the author

Alumni Director, Practicum Professor, and DWS graduate.