IWS Partners with Faithlife Corporation and Logos

The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies is pleased to announce a partnership with Faithlife Corporation and its well-known Bible software, Logos. 

Through their innovative “Textbook Inclusive” program all IWS students will now access all required textbooks in electronic format. 

Some courses may require supplemental texts that the student will purchase apart from the Textbook Inclusive program. 

The program includes access to Logos Basic Academic and its included offerings. Books will be accessed within each course, are searchable, and belong to the student for life. Logos also includes powerful note-taking tools, including a citation generator. 

FAQ’s for Current Students: 
  1. What will this cost me? 

    The exact cost will vary depending on the course. Currently, a student can expect to spend around $100-135 per course for access to all textbooks required for that course. 

  2. How will I pay for the books? 

    You will be billed by IWS along with your regular tuition & fees at the beginning of each term.*

    *Entering MWS students will be billed for all 4 first term classes (MWS501, BIB501A/B, and WR501). Students who receive Advanced Standing for BIB 501A and/or 501B will later receive credit for books for those classes. 

    *Entering DWS students will be billed for DWS 701 and WR701 at the same time.

  3. Does IWS make any money from this? 

    No. Your book fees go directly to paying vendors for the books. 

  4. What if I prefer hard copies of books? 

    We understand that some people like the feel of a book in their hand, taking notes in the margins, etc. However, we believe you will adjust to the many features of these electronic copies for the purposes of your IWS matriculation. Logos puts excellent tools for study, research and writing right at your fingertips. 

    Furthermore, you will not have to worry about whether you have your books on time because they will be accessible from your Canvas course by the term start date! 

    Of course, you may still buy copies of your books if you choose, but we suggest you download them and interact with them before deciding which ones (if any) you want to keep in your personal library. 

  5. Are we still using an online bookstore? 

    No, we are no longer engaged with that partnership. 

  6. Can I purchase other books from Logos?

    Yes! You may choose to add books from their extensive library at your own expense. We also encourage you to explore the IWS Library for cost-free options.

    7) What if I already have a copy of Logos? 

    You will be able to access your books through your own account. 

    8) Why did IWS make this move? 

    We believe that this program will provide the best resources for all of our students in the most cost-effective manner. 

    9) Are supplemental books or reading in my course included in LOGOS?

    No, only required texts for your course are included in LOGOS. However, many supplemental readings are available to freely access in the IWS Library.

    Other supplemental books will be purchased directly by the student. You may purchase electronic copies if available from the LOGOS vast library of books or hard copies. 

    10) How do I access my books?

    You can access your books on November 10, and the link and instructions will be in your Canvas Course. 

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