Student Achievement and Institutional Effectiveness [January 2024]

The following reports are updates of the December 2022 Report, with metrics and student-based feedback published in two main institutional reports.

The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies (IWS) recognizes the importance of transparency in assessing how well students are doing in their degree programs, and how effective IWS is in the pursuit of its institutional goals. IWS has identified and evaluated various measurements of student achievement which are published in two main institutional reports. The two reports below contain the latest summary of our findings related to educational effectiveness, giving evidence of educational quality. This page and these reports are reviewed and updated once a year in the winter.

2023 Institutional Research Report

The yearly Institutional Research Report documents a number of key indicators and evaluations related to institutional effectiveness and student learning, including student learning outcomes and data, retention rates, and graduation rates. Section II. Institutional Effectiveness highlights and summarizes student satisfaction through a survey concerning institutional goals as well as institutional strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Section III. Student Learning highlights and summarizes student achievement for each degree program, that is student learning, outcomes and data, as well as graduation and retention rates. The various sections of the report can be located in the report table of contents.

Program Outcomes – Faculty-Based and Alumni-Based Feedback – Updated December 2023

In addition to student-based feedback, IWS assesses the program outcomes through faculty-based and alumni-based feedback, both of which are provided in this report.

Student Achievement and Institutional Effectiveness Reports