Continuing a Legacy of Global Transformation: National Estate Planning Awareness Week is coming

A bequest is a simple way to create a legacy which generously provides for the future of IWS and demonstrates love and support for the advancement of our mission.
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Heart of IWS: Vincent Godfrey

As lead worshipers, worship architects, or worshipers, we do not seek to serve our own ideas, plans, or preferences.
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Heart of IWS: Anthony Bolkema

"I am SO GRATEFUL for my IWS education that has helped me manage and cope with the changes in ministry needed over the last few months."
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Heart of IWS: Grace Siu

“What I particularly treasure is what undergirds the learning, which is far beyond intellectual training. It is a process of spiritual formation that re-creates accountability for my calling, deepens my relationship with God and each other, and transforms the way I worship!”
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Heart of IWS: Jim Dodge

"Of all the decisions I’ve made in my professional and personal life, none have had the impact that IWS has – more positively than can be adequately expressed in words."
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Dr. David Ellison

Heart of IWS: David Ellison

"My studies at IWS provided me with the opportunity to study worship renewal with classmates of various worship traditions. The quality of teaching, the inspiring worship experiences, and the fellowship with classmates were an enriching experience."
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Heart of IWS: Christy Danner

IWS grad Christy Danner (MWS, ‘19) shares about the impact of the Institute on her life and ministry.
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The 2019 Annual Report

PRESIDENT BOARD SPOTLIGHT THANKS THE YEAR GIVE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Alumni, Students, Faculty, Staff, Trustees and Friends of IWS, “…Christ is all, and in all.” (Col. 3:11) In my presidential address this past June, I began and ended with these two phrases: “Worship exists for the Church, and the Church exists for the world.…...
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Heart of IWS: Will Harris

Will Harris explains how IWS has welcomed him into a unique community and helped him to minister to the hearts of his people.
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The 2018 Annual Report

The 2017/2018 school year was a resounding success for IWS. This Annual Report includes a huge thank-you to all of our supporters, a spotlight on the impact and ministry of a few of our students and alumni, letters from our leadership, and more.
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A Legacy of Transformation

A legacy gift is often the single most significant act of generosity toward God that most of us will ever perform. Let your hands be your executor instead of the government!
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Heart of IWS: Creston Groover

Creston Groover has learned to plan worship services with a much greater degree of intentionality behind them — to the benefit of his congregation.
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Heart of IWS: Catherine Nance

A DWS student shares how one project deeply affected people in her congregation in this short video testimony.
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Heart of IWS: Pamela Gunter

Pamela Gunter shares about how the D.W.S. program has stretched her this short video testimony.
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Heart of IWS: Esther Chuang

Esther Chuang shares about what led her to IWS and the journey she has taken as a D.W.S. student in this short video testimony.
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