June 2018 Chapel Series: The IWS Mission

The June 2018 chapel series focused on the IWS mission statement: Forming servant leaders in Christian worship renewal and education through graduate academic praxis, grounded in biblical, historical, theological, cultural and missiological reflection in community.

Talks were led by IWS Vice President for Spiritual Life/Dean of the Chapel Dr. Darrell Harris and our Associate Chaplains, Rev. Dr. Walter Brown and Dr. Nancy Nethercott.

The videos are embedded below for streaming, and the audio-only versions of the talks appear below.

The Centrality of Mission & the Servant Mandate

Darrell Harris launches the June 2018 chapel series unpacking the IWS mission statement with a look at the centrality of mission and the characteristics of the servant leader.

Always Renewing

In Part 2 of the June 2018 chapel series on the IWS mission, Darrell Harris explains what it means to be “always renewing.”

The Good Book! My Book!

In Part 3 of the June 2018 chapel series on the IWS Mission, Associate Chaplain Walter Brown describes a philosophy of studying the Bible without adding to it.

Historical Roots & Cultural Connection

In the fourth part of June’s chapel series on IWS’ mission Darrell Harris discusses the importance of culture. Culture is a huge factor in how we shape things and reshape the world around us—and how we speak of God’s love and God’s ways to everyone in a way they can understand.

Missiological Reflection & Missional Action

In the fifth part of June 2018’s series on the IWS mission, Associate Chaplain Nancy Nethercott expounds on the relationship between God’s mission and worship.

The Hard Part & the Sweet Stuff

In the final address of the June chapel series exploring the IWS mission, Darrell Harris discusses how we put into practice in our ministry contexts what we learn here.

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