Mar 4, 2024: Baptismal Identity

Robert E. Webber

Christians have a new identity. Baptism into the name of Jesus is the sign, the symbol, the image of that new identity. Get up every morning and say, “I am baptized into Jesus Christ. My life is to be lived in union with him.” — Robert Webber, The Divine Embrace: Recovering the Passionate Spiritual Life (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2006), 155.

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Alumni Director, Practicum Professor, and DWS graduate.
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  1. Karl Hoessel

    I am baptized! I thnkyou people for being so faithful to regularity post Robert Webber’s godly messages
    I’ve never read one that doesn’t hit the mark! When men of such great faith and insight into the Word pass on we wish we would have known them in the flesh but thank the Lord for enabling him to write his books that you so faithfully cite and bring before us.
    Keep up you good work
    K Hoessel