Carla Waterman


Carla Waterman: “But the Sons of Korah Did Not Die”

Wearing the name of one’s shame and redemption is a powerful primer for prayer.
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Carla Waterman: On Christian Wisdom

I am so delighted to offer the full recordings and notes from my fall online live course, “On Christian Wisdom.” From the states, to Malaysia, to Great Britain, we experienced a rich fall together. For those of you who are just curious, please check it out. If you can’t get in, simple instructions are available...
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Carla Waterman: Adventures in Live Online Teaching

I only made one actual journey over the pond this fall. But from the comfort of my Florida sitting room, I have been virtually present by teaching a live online class on Christian Wisdom.
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Carla Waterman: All Is Well (Feminine Graces in the Formation of Faith)

The following is an excerpt from Carla Waterman’s forthcoming book—All isWell: Feminine Graces in the Formation of Faith—available soon at This book explores five statements spoken by or to Mary, the mother of our Lord, “on the days when Gabriel is not conspicuous and the wise men have gone home.” The book seeks to...
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