Dan Sharp: Advent Devotional (2012)

Dan Sharp produced this devotional guide for La Jolla Community Church. Although it's a little late in the current observance of Advent, we nonetheless hope it is a blessing to you now and a resource for your future ministry.
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David Neff: At Play in the House of the Lord

David Neff’s June 2010 Commencement Address: I grew up in a congregation where worship was so Word-centered that it often tried to usher beauty out the door in the name of truth. It might have succeeded had it not been for my father, who loved choral music and believed that God was a god of...
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Dr. Reggie Kidd

Reggie Kidd: The Clown Was Me

Rouault comes upon this old clown “mending his glittering and colorful costume.” He sees the jarring contrast of “brilliant, scintillating things, made to amuse us,” on the one hand, and the infinite sadness in the man’s unguarded face, on the other. “I clearly saw that the ‘Clown’ was me, it was us. . .&nbsp. This rich and...
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