Commencement Photos


2021 Virtual Commencement

IWS held its second Virtual Commencement ceremony September 4, 2021, to honor the Summer 2021 graduates. These 36 new alumni, representing 8 nations and 4 continents, have brought worship renewal around the globe, and we congratulate them for persevering to finish their degrees in the midst of such trying circumstances. The video below features special...
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2015 Graduates

2015 Graduates Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2015 graduating class with Commencement-related links
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June 2013 Session Wrap-Up (Audio, Photos, and Other Resources)

A lot of information from our June 2013 Intensive Session have been posted on the website in the last month and we want to make sure nobody missed any of them. Photos Gallery of the June 2013 Intensive Session Photos from Worship in a Karaoke Culture, the June 2013 Worship Seminar with Dr. Len Sweet...
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2012 Graduates

2012 Graduates Photo Gallery

Photos of the June 2012 graduating classes with Commencement-related links.
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