Mark Torgerson: Embracing Our Heritage (Appreciating & Maximizing our Environments for Worship & Ministry)

IWS faculty member Mark Torgerson presented a workshop at the 2007 Calvin Symposium on Worship on the fundamental influences in church architecture during the twentieth century and the potential value of these designs. Read more for workshop audio, notes and a link to Dr. Torgerson's book.
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Andrew Hill: Worship Vocabulary

Andrew Hill’s Worship Vocabulary document, including the Names of God: Worship Vocabulary
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Robert E. Webber

David Neff Interviews Robert E. Webber: Together in the Jesus Story

Northern seminary’s Bob Webber likes to tell this story. One day during his tenure at Wheaton College, a colleague remarked, “Webber, you act like there never was a Reformation.” Bob recalls saying, “You act like there never was an ancient church.” The trick for Protestants, of course, is to hold these two sources of our...
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IWS Alumnus James Dodge

Jim Dodge: The Catechumenate Ancient & Future

Therefore, I am compelled to pursue the ancient traditions believing that in them the Church will rediscover the processes and essential foundations upon which it can return to transforming converts into disciples of Jesus Christ. However, in which of the ancient catechumenates will I find them? As will be observed, the contours of the catechumenate...
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Greg Wilde

Greg Wilde: The Phos Hilaron

The Phos Hilaron, (literally, light of hilarity, or gladdening light) is probably the most ancient piece of non-scriptural hymnology or ecclesial poetry to have made its way into regular Christian liturgical praxis. It is quite simply a hymn of thanksgiving for light, itself, composed to accompany the daily ritual of the lighting of the lamps...
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Robert E. Webber: A Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future

In every age the Holy Spirit calls the Church to examine its faithfulness to God’s revelation in Jesus Christ, authoritatively recorded in Scripture and handed down through the Church. Thus, while we affirm the global strength and vitality of worldwide Evangelicalism in our day, we believe the North American expression of Evangelicalism needs to be...
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Andrew Hill: Multiple Intelligences (Learning Styles)

Dr. Andrew Hill on Multiple Intelligences (Learning Styles) including their relationship to corporate worship: Multiple Intelligences (Learning Styles)
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Robert E. Webber

Robert E. Webber Interviewed Re: The Younger Evangelicals

Jordon Cooper interviews Robert Webber, author of The Younger Evangelicals. 1) If I am a leader of pragmatic evangelical church who came from a pragmatic evangelical seminary who is now faced with what appears to be a very incompatible world, what advice for me? Where do I turn next? RW: I think you have to...
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Robert E. Webber: The Way of Suffering (Revisiting the stations of the cross)

This article was printed in Reformed Worship in December of 2006. In the ancient church, pilgrims came to Jerusalem during Holy Week to follow the path that Jesus walked during his last days of suffering and to meditate on the final events of his earthly life. Gradually a tradition developed around the course of events...
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Older IWS Worship Resources

Look for older IWS worship resources (like worship bulletins from Opening Convocation, Commencement and DWS 704 Practicum Healing/Communion services) that don’t appear here? We’re still moving some resources over from the old website; in the meantime try our legacy site.
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