Darrell Preaching June 2016 Thursday

The On-Ramp: The Table Itself [June 2017 Chapel]

Vice President of Spiritual Life Darrell Harris opens his June 2017 chapel series “The Life Eucharistic: Traveling the Big Thank-You Highway.” This series will explore living a life of thanksgiving. June 2017 Chapel Series
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IWS Seminar Media: Gerald Borchert

The increase in biblical illiteracy in churches today challenges Christians to rediscover the centrality of Jesus in the biblical narrative, to recognize the many facets of this Jesus who is Lord in the biblical portraits, to re-imagine those portraits as clues for developing authentically integrative patterns of worship and life, and to redeploy them as...
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Living the Language of Worship

Chaplain Darrell Harris, working with Associate Chaplain Nancy Nethercott (D.W.S., ’06) and Guest Chaplain Dan Wilt, presented “Living the Language of Worship” in the January 2017 morning chapels. The series examined the six “untranslated” words of biblical worship: Hallelujah, Abba, Hosanna, Selah, Maranatha, and Amen. Each day’s talk (and scripture presentation, if we recorded it)...
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“Amen” [Living the Language of Worship]

In the concluding chapel service of the January 2017 on-campus intensive session, Chaplain Darrell Harris comments on the word "Amen."
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“Maranatha” [Living the Language of Worship]

Associate Chaplain and G.R.O.W. Center Co-Director Nancy Nethercott explores the the already-but-not-yet which the word "Maranatha" inhabits with wisdom from the mission field and persecuted church.
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“Selah” [Living the Language of Worship]

Chaplain Darrell Harris invites us to make room for "Selah" not only in our worship, but in our lives.
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“Hosanna” [Living the Language of Worship]

In our 3rd day of morning chapel, Guest Chaplain Dan Wilt explores the loaded word of praise "Hosanna." And what does "Hosanna" have to do with flipping tables, anyway?
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“Abba” [Living the Language of Worship]

Chaplain Darrell Harris explores the intimacy and complexity of the relationship offered in the biblical word "Abba."
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“Hallelujah” [Living the Language of Worship]

Guest Chaplain Dan Wilt encourages the IWS Community to live "Hallelujah!"
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Stephen Hasper: Practicum Sermon

Stephen Hasper preached about the identity and work of Jesus at June's closing Healing Eucharist service (offered by the DWS 704P Practicum class).
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June 2016 Commencement Address

The Rev. Dr. Dennis Andrews, CDR, USN, returned to the IWS pulpit to deliver the homily at the fifteenth annual Commencement Service.
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