Lester Ruth Seminar Event Gallery

Photo gallery from the June 2017 Worship Seminar event with Lester Ruth.
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Dr. Lester Ruth

June 2017 Worship Seminar: Contemporary Worship

This IWS seminar will be an interactive exploration of important musical and non-musical issues in the history of contemporary worship.
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Dr. Gerald Borchert

January 2017 Seminar: Models for Worship Renewal

The increase in biblical illiteracy in churches today challenges Christians to rediscover the centrality of Jesus in the biblical narrative.
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Dr. Christine Pohl

Christine Pohl Seminar Reflections

"The Worship Seminar with Christine Pohl was fantastic! Each session was rich with content and will be fodder for sermons and staff meetings over the next year" (Seminar 2016 attendee).
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June 2016 Commencement Address

The Rev. Dr. Dennis Andrews, CDR, USN, returned to the IWS pulpit to deliver the homily at the fifteenth annual Commencement Service.
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Christine Pohl

Pohl Seminar Event Gallery

Photos from the June 2016 alumni gathering and seminar at IWS.
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June 2016 Seminar: Cultivating Community and Worship

Contemporary followers of Jesus often say that we long for richer experiences of Christian community, but we often struggle with the practices that build up and tear apart our common life. This seminar will explore 4 practices that are at the heart of community living and Christian worship and explore ways in which we can...
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Dr. James Abbington

January 2016 Seminar: African American Congregational Song in Worship

The seminar will focus on creative possibilities for the use of African American music to strengthen and enrich worship in any tradition.
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Dr. Mark Labberton

Labberton Seminar Event Gallery

Photos of the 2015 seminar and alumni event with Dr. Mark Labberton
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June 2015 Commencement Address

Worship is not dependent upon what you do week-in and week-out. It’s not based on your creativity alone, it’s not based on your gifts. You know that the worship of God has a history among the people of God—a history that you receive as gift and grace. And it grows up where it will, inspired...
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Dr. Mark Labberton

June 2015 Seminar: Worship That Shows and Matters

The evidence of faithful worship is measured by how it fosters lives that reflect the God we worship, especially in the stewardship of power.
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