Christine Pohl: Practices that Define and Sustain

Dr. Christine PohlListen to the opening segment of the seminar “Cultivating Community and Worship: Practices that Define and Sustain Us” by Dr. Christine Pohl, held June 13-14, 2016 at IWS.

Introduction: Practices that Define and Sustain Us [18:58] (Download)

Overview: Although contemporary followers of Jesus often say that we long for richer experiences of Christian community, we often struggle with the practices that build up and tear apart our common life. For a number of reasons, we have failed to cultivate the skills and practices that make community life good and sustainable. This seminar will explore four practices that are at the heart of community living and Christian worship, consider the characteristics of contemporary culture that undermine them, and explore ways in which we can strengthen these practices for worship and community.

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    Christine Pohl reflects on her June 2016 experience at IWS:

    My recent time with the IWS Worship Seminar was delightful and enriching. The community fostered within the learning environment, worship times, and shared meals was exceptional. Students and faculty were deeply engaged and represented a significant array of interests and backgrounds. IWS’s practice of hospitality was life-giving and contagious—a wonderful and innovative model for theological education.

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