Ekklesia Episode 4: Ecumenism – More Than Just “Getting Along”

On this episode Kevin and Jim discuss the definition and misinterpretations of Ecumenism to provide a clearer vision on how to be the unified Body of Christ to the world. Listen below, or visit this podcast page to subscribe in your player of choice.
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Ekklesia Episode 3: The Word – The Second Pillar of Christian Worship

On this episode, Jim and Kevin discuss the second pillar of worship, the sharing of the Word of God. Listen below, or visit this podcast page to subscribe in your player of choice.
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Ekklesia Episode 2: Gathering – The First Pillar of Christian Worship

On this episode, Kevin and Jim discuss the Gathering Rite: the first of the four pillars of Christian Worship. Listen below, or visit this podcast page to subscribe in your player of choice.
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Ekklesia Episode 1: Christian Worship – The BIG Picture

IWS is excited to announce the launch of a new limited-run podcast series! In this first episode, Kevin and Jim discuss what the big picture of Christian worship looks like.
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Worship & the Great Realignment (Jim Hart, Opening Convocation Homily, January ’21)

IWS began its January 2021 intensive session with worship on the Feast of the Epiphany. IWS President Dr. James R. Hart delivered a homily on “The Great Realignment” testified to by the star over Bethlehem and the response of the Magi to visit the Christ child. The scriptures for the day: Isaiah 60:1-6 Psalm 72...
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Justifying God in the Midst of Suffering (Opening Convocation Homily, June 2020)

IWS President Dr. Jim Hart delivered the homily at Opening Convocation on June 10, 2020. In difficult times and discouraging spaces, how do we find our way to intimacy with God? How do we lead our congregations in worship with authenticity and Godly passion?
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Soul Care – June 2019 Chapel Series

Darrell Harris, Nancy Nethercott, andWalter Brown presented a series on Soul Care for the June 2019 on-campus intensive. Here is the audio and video.
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Catechesis – June 2019 Presidential Address

Dr. James R. Hart, President of IWS, spoke on the process of catechesis and the related rites of worship at the June 2019 Presidential Address.
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Chapel Series June 2012

Create Dangerously [January 2018 Chapel Series]

Vice President for Spiritual Life Dr. Darrell Harris and Associate Chaplains Dr. Nancy Nethercott and Dr. Walter Brown explored various concepts relating to creation and creativity in worship during their chapel addresses at the January 2018 on-campus intensive session. You can find additional video resources from this session—including music and scripture presentations—on our YouTube channel....
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Donna Hawk-Reinhard: The Holy Name of Jesus [January 2018 Opening Convocation]

Dr. Donna Hawk-Reinhard, one of two professors teaching the DWS 704 course on the Sacred Actions and Ministry of Worship, preached on the Holy Name of Jesus at the January 2018 Opening Convocation.
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Lester Ruth: Mistaking Glasses for the Eye Chart (2017 Commencement)

The Rev. Dr. Lester Ruth returned to IWS to deliver the 2017 Commencement address on June 18, 2017. His message: let us not mistake the means and ministry of worship for its end—only one worship leader can make the Living God present to us!
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