Mid-Summer Tech Update

Things slow down for some departments immediately during the summer (especially after the June session), but not Technology! For those who are super curious about all of the little technical details, here’s what we’ve been up to for the last two months. Networking We doubled the number of wireless access points deployed in classrooms during...
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Google Hangouts now Available for Accounts!

The oft-requested Google Hangouts feature is now available to all accounts. You can get started using this video conferencing feature today!
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May Technology Update

May was a busy month! Performance Tuning To prepare for the update to Moodle 2.7, we installed the Zend OpCache extension for PHP. Easy enough with PECL. Translation: our server doesn’t have to work as hard and you get to browse pages more quickly (particularly helpful on Moodle, which is noticeably more responsive). Implementing Google’s...
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End of April Technology Update

Here's what the Technology department accomplished in April.
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Subscribing to Forums in Moodle

Have you ever wanted to be notified of updates to a Moodle forum–like maybe the IWS Job Board, or the Prayer and Praise Wall? Or maybe you wanted to stop getting updates to a Moodle Forum? Or change the kind of notifications you get? Keep reading for a look at what Moodle allows its users...
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Important Changes Coming to Online Access March 1

Students, Faculty, Alumni and Staff: By now, you should all have received an invitation to set up an account with Populi. Beginning Friday, March 1, you will use your Populi login to gain access to your Google services including your email account. That means when you try to access your IWS email, you...
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Ken Rushing: Viruses, Spamming, Spoofing and More

Even with the best anti-spam software, systems and procedures in place, there is still a chance that you may receive spam. You should treat any email you receive with caution. There is a recommended five-stage test you can apply to incoming email that will aid in reducing unwanted viruses, spamming, spoofing and more...
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