Anamnesis 31: Spring 2014 Edition

From the Editor: The Lord Be With You!

By Kent Walters, D.W.S.

But as for me, it is good to be near God.
I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge;
I will tell of all your deeds
(Ps 73:23 NIV).

Acknowledging and living in the Lord’s presence is the delight of every child of God. Such an awareness transforms perspective despite the circumstances by realigning one with the real world.

The biblical greeting/blessing, “The Lord be with you” (Ruth 2:4), instantly focuses the soul on the supernatural reality of life in five short words. When one understands the wonder of God’s living presence in and among his people, the mere reminder is like an elixir, bringing peace and confidence.

The phrase is not only a greeting; it is a blessing. Use it often. Especially preceding corporate prayer.

The Spring 2014 Edition of Anamnesis celebrates the Lord’s presence and work in the IWS community. Be sure to click on the links below to read the full stories.

Resources from the January 2014 Session are posted online for your inspiration and edification: chapel, convocation and seminar audio files, January Session and seminar photos, worship bulletins.

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So, my friends, the Lord be with you!

President’s Column: Practicing For Eternity

By James R. Hart, D.W.S.

IWS President Jim Hart

As a musician, I have to practice every day. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t practice for one day, you know it; if you don’t practice for two days, everyone in the ensemble knows it; if you don’t practice for three days, everyone in the world knows it.” Practice makes permanent; correct practice makes perfect. Well, not really—actually correct practice helps the musician to improve, becoming hopefully better than before. [Continue reading . . . ]

In Memoriam: Dr. Chris S. Antill

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Chris Antill PhotoChris Antill died suddenly and unexpectedly of congestive heart failure. Chris was the Director of Music and Worship at Fort Walton Beach First United Methodist Church in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and had effectively served in church music and worship ministries for over 20 years.

Just three months before his death, I (the Editor) received an encouraging email from Chris. [Read more . . .]

Two Stories About Change: Moving Lessons

Professors Dan Sharp (DWS 703) and Greg Wilde (MWS 502) each made a major move across the country–west to east and south to north–in the past year. Their pilgrimages teach practical lessons.

God’s Time and God’s Way

By Dan Sharp, D.M.A.

Dan SharpA year ago the Sharp’s moved from San Diego to Orlando.  I accepted a call to become Minister of Worship Arts at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. One of the things that struck me about this major move was how very ordinary it all began. Kairos moments often start out as another simple event in daily life and end up being very significant. [Continue reading . . . ]

Dust Cannot Choose Where it Falls

By Greg Wilde, D.W.S.

Greg Wilde“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  So goes the phrase I repeat many times over on Ash Wednesday as I impose ashes on the foreheads of parishioners and hospital patients.  And it makes me think.

It is a very different kind of dust that you encounter when you are moving from one place to another, but the dust from which we are all created and the dust that settles on our belongings when we do not use them regularly share something in common—they both participate in something transient. [Read more . . . ]

Two New and Exciting Resources for Alumni

ATLASerials® Access for Alumni!

Thanks to a generous gift, we are thrilled to announce free EBSCO ATLAS access for IWS alumni! The ATLASerials® database is an online full-text collection of major religion and theology journals used by libraries, librarians, logoreligion scholars, theologians and clergy. ATLAS provides coverage of more than 250 journals containing more than 450,000 records.

IWS alumni may access this database through your IWS Moodle account.  Log into your Moodle account and click on the “All Alumni” group where you will find log in instructions for alumni.

The following tutorials give a basic understanding for beginning to searching in the ATLA Serials database. If you would like additional assistance, please contact Carol Sittema.  Our library staff is happy to provide personal training as needed.

Basic Search Tutorial (3 minutes)
Advanced Search Guided Style (3 minutes)
Creating a Search Alert (2 minutes)

Populi: The IWS Data Management System

IWS now uses a system called Populi for its central management, including login usernames and passwords for everything except Library Circulation (that work is ongoing). That means you only have one username/password for Populi, Moodle, and your email! If you have not setup your Populi account, or have forgotten your password, contact Sam Horowitz, Director of Technical Services.

Populi houses our directory as well. You can search for someone in the directory by signing into Populi and clicking the “Search” tab on the right hand side. For alumni: if you’re having trouble with the search feature, you can use this temporary page ( while we get the issue sorted out. That page also contains a directory list by class cohort name.While in Populi, be sure to check and update your personal information (on the Info tab under your own profile). As a reminder, a “star” indicates your preferred contact information, and a “lock” designates information viewable only by staff. Out of date photos may be updated by clicking on one’s photo while in the Info tab.

Alumni Focus: A Healing Journey

By Sam Green, Ed.D, AGCWS, Beta 2004

Sam was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia over four years ago. He praises God for his abundant grace during this journey in his stirring blog post on the fourth anniversary of his diagnosis. I urge you to click the link and be blessed by this story. Sam is Professor of Music and Director of the Praise & Worship Program at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN.

SamGreen03-14To my fellow worship leaders: Having gone through my health journey, the songs that I lead in worship are now so much more personal. When I lead a song about the Healer, I know that God is at work and that healing is real. When I lead a song about feeling hopeless, I relate to several times in the middle of the night when I experienced that hopelessness. When I lead songs about grace, I can truly testify to how gracious our Father is and that He does not leave us or forsake us.

One lesson I especially learned is “compassionate presence.”  I learned that even as ministers it can be difficult to minister to those in need, but that by simply being present God’s grace is poured out in unfathomable ways. I looked forward, for instance, to my pastor’s weekly visit. The simplicity of him just being there ministered in a marvelous way. That has helped to transform my own compassion for people I minister to and students I work with at the university.

I would not desire to go through the journey again, but the man and minister I am today is so much more real than who I was prior to being diagnosed with cancer. God is alive and at work among His people.

News from the IWS Community

Read updates from IWS alumni and students. Here’s a glimpse:

Rebecca Abbott (Xi 2010), Kai Ton Chau (Pi 2011), Heather Hood (Gamma 2003), Khiet Lin (Sigma 2013), Claire Partlow (Sigma 2011) and Rob Stuberg (Kappa 2007) report speaking and teaching opportunities; Jim Altizer (Mu 2008), Clayton Faulkner (Rho 2012), Brian Hedrick (Nu 2008) and Merril Smoak (Alpha 2002) are involved in creative ministry projects; Mick Gilliam (Omicron 2010) and Todd Marshall (MWS candidate) have relocated; Bill Eichorn (Alpha 2002), Genilyn McCaffery (Tau 2012), Gayle Pohl (Zayin 2010) and Bill Price (Gamma 2004) give personal updates[Read these stories . . .]

Updates from Faculty and Staff

Read current news from faculty and staff, including Constance Cherry, Michael Hawn, Reggie Kidd, Lester Ruth and Greg Wilde [Read more . . .]

John Witvliet Seminar Reflections

JWitvliet01-14“I find students and seminar participants at IWS to be so willing and eager to learn about every facet of worship ministry—theological, historical, sociological, and psychological—in both theoretical and practical ways.” (John Witvliet, January 2014).

This was the second time John Witvliet was the guest lecturer for an IWS worship seminar. [Read more about John Witvliet’s assessment of IWS and the responses of seminar attendees .  .  .]

June 2014 Worship Seminar with Michael Hawn

C. Michael HawnYou will not want to miss the June Worship Seminar, June 16-17, 2014! We have this rare opportunity, when Michael Hawn is not teaching a course in the MWS program or out of the country doing global music research and ministry, for him to teach the post-graduate seminar. The compelling topic is: You Are What You Sing—Faith Formation through Congregational Song. We are already receiving registrations–the earliest to date!

Check out the details on the seminar and Dr. Hawn’s bio here. Then register online or by mail!

Some of you will be interested in extending your stay in order to take in the Ancient-Future Faith Network gathering that continues on Wednesday and Thursday, June 18-19. Details here.

Donations to IWS Are Making a Difference

Lives are being transformed around the world because of the giving that enables students to attend IWS. View Jessica’s video testimony, Jeff’s words of appreciation, and thank yous from several 2014 January Session students.

Dianna Andrews, Director of Advancement, explains the significant impact of giving in the lives of our students.

Alumni have the distinct opportunity to give back to our current students what has been given to them. Tuition covers only 75% of the cost of attending IWS. The other 25% is subsidized by the generosity of our donors. By giving to the IWS Fund, you are closing the gap of 25% per student. In actual dollars this means $85 per credit hour for our masters students and $93 for doctoral students, or $510 each semester per masters student and $558 per doctoral student. We have received $104,000 of the $150,000 needed this year. Please consider closing the gap for students who are working to promote worship renewal and leave a Kingdom-building legacy for IWS at the same time.

Another important source of funding is scholarship money for needy students. Our need this year in the Scholarship Fund is $60,000. We have received $33,000 toward that goal. In honor of our 15th Anniversary, we have set a goal of $15,000 for our Class Challenge Scholarship Fund Campaign which runs through April 30. Jim Hart shares,

The IWS Scholarship Fund has enabled many students to attend IWS who would not be able to otherwise. Thanks to your generosity, these high-achieving students are having a substantial impact on the churches, schools and communities where they serve around the globe. But there are new students who have been accepted for the June 2014 session who may not be able to attend IWS without the continued generosity of donors like you. Would you partner with IWS again this year and make a difference in the lives of these students and the contexts where they serve? All scholarship/grant donations made in this fiscal year (July1, 2013 to June 30, 2014) are included in this Scholarship Fund Campaign. But you must make your gifts by June 30, and you must designate your gifts for scholarships.

Please prayerfully consider being a part of God’s miraculous work in and through a current IWS student’s life! With your help, IWS can continue to be the leader in the work of worship renewal.

[Read more about the Class Challenge Scholarship Fund Campaign . . .]

IWS Video Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 Video Contest winners:

First place: Vinnie Zarletti (M.W.S., Mem 2013)
Second place: Clayton Faulkner (D.W.S., Rho 2012)
Third place: Mary Jane Brewer (M.W.S. candidate, Tsadi 2016)

View their winning videos and read more details here.

The 2014 IWS Video Contest details will soon be announced. The contest is open to all IWS students and alumni. First place will win a $1,000 scholarship.


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