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Stories of Worship Renewal 2018

IWS alumni from around the world share stories of corporate and personal transformation.
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Anamnesis 38: August 2017

Read articles from the President, Dean, and Alumni Director, plus updates from alumni, students, and faculty in this issue of our alumni newsletter.
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IWS Alumni News and Updates-August 2017

Keeping us connected! You will be blessed, inspired and informed.
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Living the Language of Worship

Chaplain Darrell Harris, working with Associate Chaplain Nancy Nethercott (D.W.S., ’06) and Guest Chaplain Dan Wilt, presented “Living the Language of Worship” in the January 2017 morning chapels. The series examined the six “untranslated” words of biblical worship: Hallelujah, Abba, Hosanna, Selah, Maranatha, and Amen. Each day’s talk (and scripture presentation, if we recorded it)...
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Dr. Gerald Borchert

January 2017 Seminar: Models for Worship Renewal

The increase in biblical illiteracy in churches today challenges Christians to rediscover the centrality of Jesus in the biblical narrative.
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Dr. James Abbington

January 2016 Seminar: African American Congregational Song in Worship

The seminar will focus on creative possibilities for the use of African American music to strengthen and enrich worship in any tradition.
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IWS Community News, August 2015

Updates from IWS faculty, staff, students and alumni.
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The Buoyancy in Yes

Chaplain Dr. Darrell Harris concludes his series on "Yes" at our closing chapel service [Video + Audio].
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The Confidence in Yes

Chaplain Dr. Darrell Harris continues his series on "Yes" at the Tuesday morning chapel, exploring confidence.
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The Receptivity in Yes

Chaplain Dr. Darrell Harris continues his series on "Yes" at the Saturday morning chapel [Video + Audio].
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Living in a House of Yes

Chaplain Dr. Darrell Harris begins the first in his series on "Yes" at the Thursday morning chapel and revisits the topic of Kenosis raised at this year's Presidential Address [Video + Audio].
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June 2013 Worship Seminar: Worship in a Karaoke Culture

Details and registration information for the June 17-18, 2013 Worship Seminar with Dr. Leonard Sweet
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